Monday, December 5, 2016

China not only blocked Google but is trying to block all mentions of Google

Early this year, Google was DNS poisoned in China. Now is also added as a blacklisted keyword by GFW.  It is confirmed by HikingGFW.

This means that not only google will be blocked, any URL that included will be blocked as well.  For example, if you're reading news on the CNN, which is mostly accessible in China. However, if an article's URL includes, say, the article will be automatically blocked as well. Only HTTP sites will be affected by this kind of block though. It further illustrates the importance of ubiquitous adoption of HTTPS.

The block is not limited to All google country versions are added by GFW as a blacklisted keywords, for example and

This means that Chinese authority not only wants to block all of Google completely but also wants to block all mentions and reference to Google entirely. This marks a monumental increase on the Chinese Internet censorship.