Thursday, May 12, 2016

Apkpure blocked in China is a website that mirrors apps from Google Play and offers downloads on the site directly. It is ranked 4.7K globally and 7.6K in China. It was blocked in China today.

Google Play has long been blocked in China and domestic App Stores are under strict censorship. Consequently,  some Chinese users utilize mirrors like apkpure to download apps.

The blocking method is DNS poisoning of *, which means that any domains ending with is blocked, such as will be blocked. In addition, GFW also used connection reset by blacklisting keyword "", any URL that contains such word is blocked. This kind of blocking is extremely severe.

This blocking is totally expected considering the on-going crackdowns on App markets.


  1. I think that its mind blowing that these circumstances might be edited yet, obviously that is simple for me to state this, in the event that we used to look positively on control on the planet.

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